\’Pay It Forward\’ South Africa

Changing SA One Favour at a Time

About ‘Pay It Forward’ South Africa

BLUE CRANE‘Pay It Forward’ is a worldwide movement and this Blog is the official site for South Africa. You can find ‘Links’ to related websites a bit further down.

This purpose of this site is to tell as many real ‘Pay It Forward’ stories in South Africa as possible : about the people doing something for the benefit of others without expecting any reward, asking them instead to do the same for others : don’t pay the favour back, pay it forward.

Have you done anyone a favour, or know someone who did, without expecting anything in return? Just because you felt you wanted to do it? That’s paying it forward – write it down and send it to pifsa@bluecrane.info via eMail – no matter how big or small the deed, it’s the principle that counts.

Maybe someone has helped you out of a difficult situation and didn’t want any compensation, either a long time ago or recently – have a look at some sample stories on the American ‘Pay It Forward’ website here.

Publishing the real stories helps to show the cynics that the concept really works everywhere, it gives much-deserved recognition to those who do the good work, and it displays the results of their efforts to the public for the inspiration of others.

The Blue Crane is South Africa’s national bird and my website about personal development has the same name because this country has given me so much as an expatriate from Germany for almost 23 years.

I know that there are thousands of ‘Pay It Forward’ stories of goodwill in South Africa to be told. Again, please write them down and eMail them to me at pifsa@bluecrane.info – I will put them up on this WeBlog for the whole world to see.

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  1. Greetings Do yoy have a div/Branch aect in the Cape Town Area, More Specific Blaauberg region
    Regards A & L

    Comment by Andre & Lara | January 28, 2007

  2. Is this site still active?

    Comment by engela | December 4, 2012

  3. Goodday my name is Anuschaka Van Zyl I am a 25 year old single mom of two children. A boy Andre 10 and a little girl Liashka 4. I am mailing you as I my mom told me about you. I currently live in ocean view cape town. I have started a new job at an educare centre where I can later on further my studies. We live in a small but comfortable little flat attached to a main house which is occupied by our landlord. I am struggling abit with groceries as I just get by on what I am earning by paying my rent, water elec. And school fees. This is temporary as I am helping to build up the educare with my employer and then I will be more financially stable. If there is anyone who can assist in anyway towards my goals and dreams by helping in any way, I would me utmost grateful and thank full. Thank you for taking a moment to read through my mail. Kind Regards Seasons blessing Anuschaka Van Zyl xxx

    Comment by Anuschaka | December 18, 2013

  4. Hi there, I read Anuschaka’s email. Please help me out as I am confused by this website. My understanding of paying it forward is not people asking for help, but rather people recognizing a need in a total stranger, and then doing them a favour by helping out and not splashing it all over a website. Where is the glory and “feel good” in advertising your good deed. In my opinion, that takes away all the “goodness” of it. If people start telling their sad stories and circumstances here, and then asking for help, is it not then turning into something else? Please don’t misunderstand that I have real sympathy with her situation and am not knocking her in any way, but in my opinion….paying it forward is something very different from what I have seen here.

    Comment by Brenda | July 20, 2014

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